HeadmasterMargarita P. Qushkyan- School Headmaster

Margarita Qushkyan was born in 1970 on the 27-th of August in Yerevan..
1977-1987 she studied in the secondary school #159 in Yerevan. 1988-1993 she was eduonted in Engineering University of Yerevan, in the department of Radio- Technik, and recieved R.Eng. and Master- technologist degree. From 1997 up to now she is working at secondary schoo #166 by A. Mikoyan. 2004-2008 she studied in Pedagogikal University by Khachatur Abovyan, in the faculty of Mathematics and Informatics and recieved a qualification of Mathematic and Informatic teacher. 3 July, 2008 she was elected as a headmaster of Yerevan secondary school #166 by Artem Mikoyan.
She is mariied and has two daughters.

Lusya Karapetyan


Silva Hambardzumyan
Tarik Khojayan

Karapetyan Lusya Oniki was born in 1947 on the 9-th of June in Yerevan. After finishing the school #46 in Yerevan,she entered the State Pedagogical institute of Khachatur Abovyan in the faculty of History-Geography in 1965 and graduated from the Institute in 1969.She received a qualification of History teacher.From 1985 up now she is working at secondary school #166 as a formaster in the field of Teaching and Educating .She is married,has two children,two grandchildren.

Khodzayan Tarik Zarmeni was born in 1953 on the 5th of June in Azerbaidgan in the village Barum.She finished the Barsum’s secondary school in 1970,and entered the Pedagogical Institute by Khachatur Abovyan in Yerevan in the faculty of pedagogy and elementary education and graduated from the institute in 1975.She worked in Dilidzan secondary school #:3 in 1875-76 as teacher she was married in 1977 and came to Yerevan..She worked at school #131 in Yerevan in 1977-98.She worked at secondary school #166 from 1998,as a teacher of primary school and is a formaster from 2003 till nowdays. She is married, has 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

Hambardzumyan Silva Sureni was born in 1956 on the 17-th 0f February in Gandzak. She entered the Pedagogikal Institute by Khachatur Abovyan in 1973 the faculty of Mathematics.She worked in Hrazdan as a teatcher of Mathematiks in 1977-78.She worked at school #:83 Arabkir from 1981 till 1991.She worked at secondary school #166 as a teacher of Mathematics from 1991,and is a formaster from 2003 till nowdays
She is married, has two children.

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